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Audio Design Matters 2009-2013

Grace Bonney

Grace Bonney is the creator of the popular blog Design*Sponge, which she started in 2004. The site features store and product reviews, city, product, and gift guides, diy projects, before & after furniture and home makeovers, home tours, recipes, videos and podcasts, and trend forecasting. She been called the “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials” by The New York Times. She is also the author of the forthcoming book Design*Sponge at Home (Artisan).

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Grace Bonney discusses being a Phish follower, the future of print, the name "Design*Sponge," investing in and growing her site, shaking off the cute, being a hoarder, and the Design*Sponge scholarship program.

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I love this interview. Grace Bonney has a healthy attitude to design that I enjoyed. Her passion is similar to Erik Spiekermann and Marc Newson. If your interested you can determine for yourself whether you agree with my comment or not
Marlene Davis
04.09.11 at 01:33

I've followed Grace for years, and I would like to thank her too! Great job staying on the cutting edge of things and following your taste Grace.
04.09.11 at 06:13

I'm a big fan of her site so I really enjoyed this interview. So insightful and inspirational! Thank you.
04.10.11 at 01:14

Fantastic interview! I wished the design blog scene in Europe was as dynamic as the one in the US!
Greetings from Paris!
European Chic
04.10.11 at 04:55

I agree with you. May be , you should let yourself be inspired for something similar in europe!
Greetings from Douai, France
04.10.11 at 08:38

Grace, I hope you drop silouetted birds along with the polkadots in your purge of cute. They are everywhere! :)
04.10.11 at 11:51

Hi Grace, I have been a follower for at least a year now and have to say I brag about your site on a daily basis and when I do mention Design Sponge to people they all fall in love with it.

You do exactly what you said in your interview "you absorb a lot of information". I can tell you what I love about your site is that you share all the things that not "being the professional" can attain. As a self-taught multi-medium artist the content you put forth just allows me to feel good about exploring,recycling creating and sharing which is a very positive option for the world today.

Greetings from Quebec Canada, Barb
Barb Pagani
04.10.11 at 12:10

Thanks so much everyone- and thank you to Debbie for having me.

Sarah, I can proudly say we haven't written about a silhouetted bird for a long, long time. Polka dots will be harder to drop for me, but the birds were pretty easy ;)

Grace Bonney
04.10.11 at 06:03

Put a bird on it! ;) LOVE this. So mature for 30 years. Thanks for what you do, Grace, and Debbie!
04.11.11 at 08:56

Great refreshing, just like Grace and her approach to design and beyond. It was fascinating listening to how the blog has bloomed into a business and has yet conserved its personal voice, perhaps more effectively than any other biggie: it's that honesty of tone and mood that makes each day a treat.

Can't wait to see the new grown-up re-design in May! Long live Design Sponge and best wishes from Paris.
judith b.
04.11.11 at 08:59

Really enjoyed the interview..especially hearing how the design blog evolved. It is impressive the way Grace decided to support design students!
Diane Bossart
04.11.11 at 09:06

Love this look at Grace and how Design Sponge has evolved over time. So inspiring!
la domestique
04.11.11 at 12:21

I receive a ton of newsletters and emails and the one from Design Sponge is the only one I have consistently looked forward to since I subscribed a couple of years ago. It's funny how Grace started the site to stop talking constantly about design with her husband...because of the site, especially the before and afters ;), my husband and I STARTED talking about design and tackling at home remodel projects. Thanks for the killer work and great interview.
I <3 Design Sponge - cute, sophisticated or wherever it may be!
04.12.11 at 02:07

Grace is a perfect example of finding your passion and pursuing what you love. Thank you to both of you for a great interview. Very inspiring!
Pam Williams
04.12.11 at 06:20

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Debbie Millman is the president of the design division at Sterling Brands. She is also President Emeritus of AIGA, a contributing editor to Print Magazine, and chair of the School of Visual Arts’ master’s program in Branding. In 2005, she began hosting the podcast show “Design Matters.”
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